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Penguin On Fire is a deathgrind/grindcore project for fans of the extreme. Death metal infused with hardcore and grind results in pure heaviness inspired by acts in the likes of Terrorizer, Asesino and Whorecore.

POF are two village boys who got together in the summer of 2010 to make the most brutal and heavy music they could do.

While lead vocalist Tom Rachmann is in charge of the lyrics and vocals, Eden Goldstein contributes with writing the music, playing guitar, bass, backing vocals, recording, programming and mixing.

After a few highly acclaimed demos, the two took a long break and in 2019 returned with a full length album, in which their single “TRACTOR” came out with a music video that was highly praised.

Later that year the duo was featured in 'Dead Bodies Everywhere - A Slam and Death Tribute to Nu-Metal' by Imploding Sounds with a cover to Deftones' “When Girls Telephone Boys” in their crushing style.

The new EP, titled “Ma’Or” after the band’s home village, is a more dark and calculated release than its predecessor.