POF Leg 2.png

Yeled Hara



They're crawling inside me

Through every socket

Death plagues my lungs.

Here we go again, another sacrificial lamb in the shape of man.


I crave violence, anguish, agony

Teeth buried in open stomach cavity.


Terrified, horrified and paralyzed

Needles sticking out your eyes unsterilized

Watching over your descent through devil eyes

Ignoring screams, removing dreams.


I'm satisfied by nothing, I don't like anyone

(Or anything)

There is no beauty in safety, pain sets us free.



Fill my bones with antidepressants

Feed my ego with dissocialisation

I am the product of psychiatrist analysis enough drugs to kill me if I please.

Using self asphyxiation just to reach realizations, I find reality in dissociations.

Medicating with a blade, stomach destination. Night terrors live beside me like they're my neighbors.

Anxiety fills my lungs. I see hallucinations.

Seeing bodies in my mind subconscious desperation.


Seeing mirror image

Sacrificial signals

Pupils turns abysmal

Emotion leads missignals.

My tongue touches the pistol.

Enough scars to forge my temple

I'm color blind black and white can't resemble

Going ape going nuts going mental


There's enough bones beneath my village

Bo Makot



Hate. War. Terror. Hate. War. Fight.

Hate. War. Terror. Hate. War. Heart of spite.


Hater think your hot shit

C'mon twat take a hit

Bitch i don't give a shit

Uppercut make your facelift make ya bones shift.

Make a skull split

Pretty face prick.

I don't give a fuck, as acted as my nightmares, I don't give a fuck.

Forced your hand in the flames and now you're out of luck.

No face is pretty with a mouth full with a glock.

Nothing consoles me, no act redeems me.

Step the fuck back erase your existence.

Give me my life back, spare me the trauma.

Funny how my favorite game's name is Karma.

Ya Malshin



I long to suffocate myself just to sleep

I am a loner terror diagnosed and I need a spliff

Ambien patron talkin' ambien patron

I don't want remembrance of what's real and what is wrong.

Smoke to kill my anxiety

Sleep to reach the very next day

Drink to cause self comfortability

Cut to feel some sort of living


I hear ghosts in the village screaming out my name

I am like them I am a ghost I don't feel no pain

Shrill whispers guiding me to paranoia

The sun blinds me as I'm waiting for the rain

My eyes don't shut, shaking from insomnia

Skin's numb and blue cause there's nothing in my veins

Visceral pains feel like I swallowed a handful of nails

My kind does not belong I am no part of nature

Ever fiber full of disgust and unconditional shame


There are whispers all over the village.


Certain death man I'm feeling certain death

Rasping my lungs with every single breathe

This pain does not console in any way my health

I don't show my face, I'm more comfortable in stealth.


Save me from this ghastly village